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Crittall Windows

Wiemann Metalcraft is a Crittall Specialist Partner

Established in England more than 170 years ago and prominent in American homes for more than 100 years, Crittall Windows is the oldest and largest manufacturer of steel windows and doors in the world. Crittall steel windows have been used in many prominent buildings around the world, including Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge of London, Yale University, Princeton University, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and more.

More and more architects are choosing Crittall steel windows for new buildings, but they are also an excellent option for renovations or replacement windows. Crittall steel windows offer exceptional strength. Steel windows are three times stronger than aluminum and significantly stronger than wood. Steel windows can support larger expanses of glass than other types of window frames with minimal sightlines to offer a superior view.

Crittall steel windows offer excellent durability with minimal maintenance. A unique hot dip galvanizing process is used to protect Crittall steel windows against corrosion and rust. They are then coated with Duralife, a tough polyester powder coating that ensures an attractive appearance as well as added durability. The life cycle of Crittall steel windows can be 60 years or more.

Crittall steel windows also offer high thermal performance to provide excellent energy savings. Crittall steel windows feature built-in weather proofing and insulated glass units that keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Crittall steel windows also offer improved security and acoustic performance. In addition to exceptional performance, Crittall steel windows provide beautiful, sophisticated style that perfectly suits all styles of architecture, including classic, contemporary, cottage, Mediterranean, Victorian, and more.

Available in a wide range of window frame colors, Crittall steel windows are the perfect finishing touch to any home.

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