Available Through 3rd Part Firms
  • Cost Estimating and Budget Development
  • Shop Drawings & 3D Renderings (AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Works)
  • Digital Field Surveys and BIM Modeling
  • Samples and Mockups
  • Specifications Development
    • Single Point of Contact, Dedicated Project Management on Every Project
    • Fabrication/Welding All Alloys
    • CNC and Manual Machining and Bending
    • Decorative Metal Etching and Metal Surface Texturing
    • Metal Finishing Including Patina, Painting, Powder Coating, Polishing, Media Blasting, Plating, Anodizing, Gilding, Graining and Blackened Steel
    • Laser, Plasma and Water-jet Cutting
    • Complete Blacksmith Shop with 5 Power Hammers, Pullmax and 60T Forging Press
    • CNC Bar Twisting
    • Rapid Prototyping and Pattern Fabrication for Foundry
    • Sand and Investment Casting, All Alloys
    • Project Logistics including International Freight and Cargo
    • Installation Services by Wiemann Personnel, Nationwide and Worldwide
    • Local Project Installation Support